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Dominic's Pasta Lair

by Ol'Domi

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the hell of a head is not like the heaven of heart, don't let your body fall apart into nothing take this cathedral and join in our body communion, milk and honey drip like music down our throats, the fire chokes I try to help you but you are just so different now, I don't know how I'll even help its just too much I want to love you but you have to be the one who believes he deserves someone like me or anybody else = these kooks don't get it they don't see it - I watch in horror as you beat yourself in the ground your body's turning inside out and its turning me rightside in there's so much pain here, I wish I could carry away all of the burdens of your way but they're who you are everyone loves you I wish you could see as I do you're a beauty, a rose among these crowns of thorns I see your ghost, the memory of who I loved and I'm scared you'll never come back, I'm scared to death = these kooks don't get it they don't see it
This time maybe next year, we will have enough to commit and maybe start her off I've been so sorry that I can't provide, what the movies say I should provide thinking going white collar just to get a job and then maybe we would have enough walk in from the rain storm that has been my mind and you tell me it will be alright = Cause we don't have money we just have love, but we don't need money each others enough, we have our dreams our right to believe, in something different and that's all we need - at night I'll hold you as we fall fall asleep and cry 'cause I can't give you all that we need I had you for the good times, would you stay for the bad if this loving would be all that I had honey i'm a cowboy except I am worse 'cause I can't tell you what I'm good for = it feels like you're in the front seat and i'm in the back, your driving the bus we're under attack the engine's not working, it never was your pulling the bus and i'm dead weight, I'm dead weight - Oh you have your school loans and I feel ashamed that I can't make them all go away cowboys in the movies never pay for meals and all they do is eat and drink = // And I believe in something beautiful, together foreverevereverevereverevereverever
the factory is cold and shut down for the day sheets of cold rolled steel stuck in motion where they lay I hide waiting among the rust and fallen leaves ready to come out whenever the cock crows three = I am back to retake moments i'll make better hidden among the pages of your photo albums I can replace these mistakes one by one with hot glue stand right there i'd like you smile won't you, could you - I'm on the front of a Chinese restaurant tv I stand outside while everyone stares in front of me digital images project crimes of the past photographs of me commit crimes but i'm not that = I wait outside you kitchen window above the sink wating for you to come smile and let me in you were so beautiful when I knew you before and now you grew up to report the news i'm on = when the owners daughter disappeared that was it struggling steel closed its doors, this town went to bits what if I told you I could bring her, bring her back you could report on it and wed be employed again // basements are deep deeper than you could ever dig I could dig once but i'm not 23 anymore I've been practicing on cold meat and I think it could work won't you record all of the good i'm catching up on i'm ready to take it all back i'm ready to bring her back
when you've been spending all your nights on the road cause your life's gone to shit and you're still learning come to know that there are some things guaranteed like hard work don't guarantee you nothing your whole life is spent tryna get control, anything to tell yourself you're king wake up a few times shit kicked out of you in mud and you'll know you will go same as you came = ooh mama I woke up alone wish as many stayed as I've seen go ooh winds of change got me on the ropes guess it is time for me to ko - I have dug my boots into the throats of snakes, watched the cream and the blood curdle loosely shook the hands of men who gain at your expense, saw the clouds in their heaven blue eyes I became left handed when I tasted beer, nothing like cold suds to give you wisdom there's a staleness that is hanging over me, wish I could change my skin or my clothes = there are things out there you wished had never breathed but that's all that they show on the tv roll your eyes and roll the magazine of a gun, you will meet your heaven when they come stand up for some awful lie and make it real, that's the only way to get remembered give up your will and have another drink on me you'll soon forget when you had any dreams = budubuhbuhba
baseball time and I'm not on the field baseball time and I'm not on the field catching fly balls and throwing them back in baseball's here and I'm not on the field - happiness is not even real they made it up in 1969 I don't wanna brag, but that was when the mets won and they my favorite team - baseball time and I'm not on the field catching fly balls and throwing them back in sliding home and tagging people out hitting home runs and I'm not on the field
And I wanna be there when you open up your eyes And I wanna be there when you close them for the night And for all the things inbetween I wanna be there too Oh for everything through everything I wanna be with you = Hooohooo - And I wanna be the one who gives you all that you need And the one who is when no one else will be Oh I wanna share all I am I'll give it all to you Oh more than this, more than me, I love you = And I wanna describe to you all that I see 'Cause the world is more beautiful when you are next to me Oh you make this life paradise, you bring light where there is none Oh you're my best friend through everything I know you are the one = // Learning next to you, learning beside you - And I wanna be there when you open up your eyes And I wanna be there when you close them for the night And for all the things inbetween I wanna be there too Oh for everything, through everything I wanna be with you =


all songs written, performed and prod. by: Ol'Domi *curtsies


released August 31, 2020


all rights reserved



Ol'Domi Brooklyn, New York

i'm funny and i like to dance. 10/10 songwriter

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